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With a portfolio of over 9,000 characters we ARE the comic industry leaders. Marvel Entertainment has the tools, creative staff and experience to create truly original programs that convey the essence of your brand’s message and take consumers to a whole new world.

As the media landscape is forever changing and growing, Marvel is continuously on the forefront, creating new and innovative ways to share our partner’s stories through our print, custom and digital vehicles.

The long term goal of promotion or advertising is to create an enhanced brand reputation and increase future revenue. To achieve this, an integrated marketing communications strategy should ensure that ‘various advertising efforts send a consistent message across the different customer touch points’ (Iacobucci 2013, p. 159). Marvel had a consistent message across all its media channels including print, custom, TV and digital; and that message is that “we ARE the comic industry leaders”.

If a company is advertising that a brand is a premium product and exclusive, then the product needs to of a high quality, priced relatively high and distributed exclusively (Iacobucci 2013, p. 145). Marvel has created an exclusive and enhanced brand reputation with an international social media following in the millions.

The consistency of the marketing message of Marvel power, excitement and escapism is evident in the multitude of ‘touch points’ and wide ranging product categories over which Marvel has wrapped its tentacles: comics, movies, multi-media downloads, apparel, kids games, Marvel kids and even a Marvel MasterCard.

Currently the Marvel brand is likely to be between the growth and maturity stages of its life cycle. The goals of advertising during these stages of the product’s life cycle should be to enhance the target segment’s positive attitudes about the brand and remind consumers of the brand’s existing qualities (Iacobucci 2013, pp.147-148).

Marvel’s movie masterplan extends to 2028, says president

Marvel’s large fan base on social media can post their positive experiences and endorsements about the brand. Social media facilitates word of mouth persuasion and online endorsements allowing Marvel to utilise social media as a powerful medium with significant reach and frequency to affect behaviour of existing and new customers (Iacobucci 2013, pp. 175-177). Furthermore, social media offers better interaction with consumers, reduces the customer defection rates and increases customer trust (Constantinides 2006, p. 413).

With social media, customers have become active participants in dialogues about brands. To avoid brand misinformation, Marvel’s massive advertising machine shapes online discussions by:

  • Providing multiple online platforms to obtain information;
  • Being outrages or funny in their online comments;
  • Providing exclusivity to their online community such as teasers about superheroes life stories; and
  • Supporting causes that are important to their target audience (Mangold & Faulds 2009, pp.363-364)

New product development is required to replace existing products within the brand’s portfolio that are ageing and experiencing declining sales and profits. The product life cycle describes the evolution and duration of a product in the marketplace (Iacobucci 2013, p. 97). The phases within a product’s life cycle are market introduction, market growth, maturity and finally the product’s decline. The above phases tend to have predictable sales and optimal marketing actions. Marvel’s strategy is replacing declining interest in existing heroes and villains with new heroes and with ‘innovative’ super powers.

Student name: Amarjit Sidhu ; Student ID: 93072431


Constantinides, E 2006, ‘The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing,’ Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 22, no. 3-4, pp. 407-438, doi:10.1362/026725706776861190

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