GoPro – Think it, See it, Do it

One Company instantly comes to mind when you think Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), a company that has successfully used all forms of online content, social media and has created the phoneme of User Generated Content (UGC) all other companies can only hope to aspire;



What started off as a device to capture GoPro Founder Nicholas Woodman’s surfing sessions turned into the most wearable video camera on the planet!

In a letter from Nicholas Woodward on the companies he says “GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others-to celebrate them together and to share our collective experiences makes our lives more fun.”

Integrated communication

IMC can be defined as “an on-going, interactive, cross-functional process of brand communication planning and execution(Luxton, 2015). Using multiple online and social platforms to convey your brand message requires a level of authenticity (Leigh, 2006) and to ensure a consistent consumer experience no matter the platform.

Across all platforms GoPro have managed to effectively utilise this new media as a marketing channel (Mark Kilgour, 2015) to great effect.

The consistent message from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts along with the GoPro user content website is to capture moments in the users lives and share them with everyone and it’s obviously paying off. GoPro has embraced UGC to great advantage where the user has become GoPro’s marketing department.

The amount of content available on all platforms with #GoPro hashtag is the envy of it’s peers, the statistics speak for themselves;

Youtube – 3.9+ million subscribers and over 1.1 BILLION video views

Twitter – 1.52M followers

Instagram – 8.8M followers

Totalling it all up GoPro have 5 channels, 4.3M subscribers, over 5094 videos and 1.2 Billion views….

GoPro provide all of the tools to make it happen by providing a webpage explaining how users can upload their content to social media sites and a plethora of hints and tips to get the best images and shots

awardsGoPro awards encourage users to upload their content directly to the website with the best video’s and pictures displayed with the users winning money in the process.

All of the platforms are tied together with the hashtag #GoPro enabling the companies media teams to collate all of the best content that has been uploaded.


A number of extreme sport athletes are endorsed by GoPro and regularly feature on GoPro’s platforms which generate a large number of views on the companies media sites.This enables the users to connect with the brand and want to provide their own content when they see these athletes perform stunts & tricks.

GoPro’s advertisements and videos provide a consistent approach as they include a demonstration of the product giving the consumer a clear and vivid expectation as to what they can expect, you encounter a range of emotions and feeling when you view the images which only serve to draw you in.

GoPro have partnered with energy drink and extreme sport company Red Bull with all of Red Bulls endorsed athletes using GoPro cameras none more famous when Red Bull’s Felix Baumgartner completed the Stratos jump that broke all kinds of records, even featuring on the front cover of time magazine.

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Leigh, P.&.S. (2006) The consumer quest for authenticity: The multiplicity of meanings within the MG subculture of consumption. Academy of Marketing Science, 34(4), pp.481-93.

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Mark Kilgour, S.L.S..R.L. (2015) The social media transformation process: curating content into strategy. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 20(3), pp.326-43.



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