What’s in a name? That which we call sales by any other name would smell as sweet.

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalised in poetry, prose and religion. But how does a name influence purchasing decisions? Sophia Loren launched the first celebrity perfume in 1981, with everyone from Madonna to Elizabeth Taylor since embracing namesake branded perfumes. Real Housewives of Melbourne (RHoMelbourne) cast member Gina Liano has recently added to her accessories brand, collaborating with Chemist Warehouse to produce Australia’s second (to Kylie Minogue) ‘celebrity scent’, Gina by Gina Liano.

Attaching herself to a national company controlling 20% of the pharmaceutical market has ensured the success of Liano’s fragrance. Effective advertising requires a strong commitment both conceptually and financially. The capability of a large brand to both fund and manage a national Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy, where all utilised promotional tools work together harmoniously, promotes product awareness and stimulates strong preliminary sales and profits. Liano brings a voice with national reach (as a RHoMelbourne cast member) and has sought to actively build a relationship with her fan base.

Advertising aims to impart knowledge onto the customer while influencing a positive association with the product, which ideally translates into sales. All formats of the marketing strategy require use of a core cognitive component which evoke an emotional connection. Gina by Gina Liano focuses on non-comparative advertising and is endorsed by a Liano, a local celebrity.


There are various of advertising formats used by marketing teams, a number of which have been used by Chemist Warehouse in their promotion of Gina by Gina Liano. With 542,000 viewers in Australia and a further 2 million in the US, social media and the corresponding word of mouth and publicity are two relatively contemporary formats Chemist Warehouse are using, both requiring Liano’s time and thought. Liano uses her public profile to promote the fragrance on facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube which based on customer interaction, appears to reflect a very successful product with countless endorsements that has the potential to be successful internationally. These endorsements are willingly spread by Liano’s extraverted fan base, sending credible advertising into a broader reach than simply those who ‘follow’ Liano. The public relations arm of their advertising successfully piggybacked on Liano’s image, with appearances on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and signing opportunities scheduled up and down the east of Australia complemented by Liano’s clever embedded marketing of the fragrance into series 3 of the RHoMelbourne tv show. This advertising format has provided Chemist Warehouse a great Return On Investment (ROI) in that the attention and kudos received from the public has only strengthened the product’s desirability.

Beyond this, Chemist Warehouse have employed traditional advertising formats such as outdoor advertising, out-of-home and traditional media. In Melbourne, the fragrance is advertised on trams, exposing the fragrance to up to 3.5 million potential customers, many in their target demographic, who’ve either not been exposed to the associated social media or publicity or have seen the advertising and are being re-exposed. This could theoretically provide a sound ROI. In both Sydney and Brisbane, out-of-home media such as multi-story banners in shopping centres have been used to demand the attention of their target audience in a high impact way. The intention is to encourage a potential purchase in the ‘last window of influence’, attracted by the promise of connecting with Liano.


Chemist Warehouse has also offered the fragrance as a prize in weekly celebrity magazines, directly reaching those who are willing to spend money to be associated with and value celebrity. These competitions have links to web pages where consumers can find out more about and purchase the fragrance.

The combination of considered contemporary and traditional advertising formats in creating an IMC strategy for Gina by Gina Liano appears to be a lucrative approach. While sales figures are yet to be released, all indicators point to an appropriately curated advertising strategy that has the potential to be successful globally.



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