Masterchef boosting Coles Brand

Masterchef Logo 1

Username: damienlai, Student ID: 215288904

Once again the popular and highly viewed Masterchef Australia program has commenced its 8th series on 1 May 2016. Masterchef Australia has partnered with its dedicated sponsor, Coles, in bringing the program to the nation since its inception. It still remains as one of the best reality TV program that draws an average of more than a million viewers until today.

Many television viewers have been following the Masterchef series for many years including their spin-off programs such as Junior Masterchef and Celebrity Masterchef. But we do not realise that some of our grocery purchasing preference may have been influence by the excellent Integrated Marketing Communication (“IMC”) strategy that Coles implement along with its other marketing mix to improve their sales and market shares, particularly from its main competitor Woolworths.

Masterchef cookWhen we assessed the IMC strategy that Coles rolled out, all advertising media that are involved such as television, radio and magazine, store layout and other promotional materials are delivering the similar marketing campaign message “To cook how a Masterchef cooks, shop where the Masterchef shops”.  The marketing goals for advertising campaigns of Coles proved to be successful when we analyse their marketing campaign based on “AIDA” model, which is attention, interest, desire and The-AIDA-modelactions.

The Masterchef program is a culinary show and it is highly co-related to the grocery industry. Coles has identified that Masterchef viewers are the best target audience for its company. The target audience would be food enthusiast, chef and the ordinary Australian families who would buy grocery and cook in their kitchen. Hence, sponsoring the Masterchef program and constantly advertising the  Coles brand would improve the attention from the viewers.

To ensure that Coles reaches a large pool of target audience, a gross rating points (GRP) could be measured by determining the percentage of target audience that had seen the advertisement (Reach) and number of times that the viewers saw the ads (Frequency). The GRP for the Coles advertising is high as Masterchef program is aired on Channel Ten during the prime period to reach most of the target audience and the program is scheduled from Sunday to Thursday.

Coles Magazine 3Through the Masterchef program, the target audience will be attracted and interested in the new dishes that the contestants have prepared in the program. Those weekly new recipes and cooking methods will be compiled and published in the Coles monthly magazine that is available for free in Coles store. This will create a desired for the target audience to visit Coles to have the cooking recipe from the Masterchef contestant. The Coles store will display Masterchef logo around the store and remind its target audience on their viewing experience on Masterchef program and built better rapport.

Finally, when the target audience decided to replicate the cooking recipe, Coles would be the first preference when it comes to purchasing grocery. The target audience will associate their experience with the contestants and food experts such as Matt Preston who acknowledge the fresh ingredient supplied by Coles to make fresh and tasty dishes during the Masterchef program.  

Naturally, those consumers who are Masterchef viewers would tend to purchase their grocery from Coles instead of its main competitors Woolworth or other supermarket. They perceive Coles would provide fresh ingredients in their store when the consumers associate Masterchef program endorsement from its contestant and food experts while making the decision on their purchases. This has evidently created a surge in sales for Coles, particularly the ingredients for those dishes that were shown in the Masterchef program.



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