Too troublesome to travel with a baby or toddler?

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A new young family who just had a new addition to the family would feel that it is too cumbersome to travel with a baby or a toddler. Among many things that we need to have when we travel with our baby or toddler are such as nappy, milk powder, a few spare change of clothes, snacks, car seats and a stroller. Safety features of the car seat is paramount priority of every parents to ensure baby and toddler is safe while travelling in the car and stroller would be a necessity when travelling on the public transportation or going for an outing with the baby or toddler. However, a stroller is the biggest thing that parents need to carry with them that sometimes lead to inconvenience such as it being too heavy or too big in size to store.

Goodbaby International  is one of the company that has been very successful with their baby and juvenile products where the product innovation is one of the core values of the company. There are various brand that are under Goodbaby International such as GB, Evenflo, Happy Dino and Cybex that cater for different market and regions around the world. They offer various different products such as car seats, prams and strollers that aim to provide the most innovative products that parents wish to have. On average, GB’s house of brand launches 500 plus new products annually to the market in which provides a broad range and depth range of products selection.

With the changes in the demographic, needs and lifestyle of the young family, Goodbaby International house of brand has aim to provide the innovative solutions to fulfil needs of the current lifestyle of the family such as safety of their child, agility and light weight product such as the Evenflo SensorSafe Technology car seat and Pockit stroller.

Evenflo is not available in Australia and is mainly available in the United States. This car seat is highly rated in terms the safety review. It has a smart chest technology that alerts parents of the presence of a child in the vehicle. Not only that, but according to Goodbaby International, this technology is developed to aid in the prevention of vehicular heatstroke and Evenflo is the only car manufacturer to implement this technology. This new technology even notifies the driver if the chest buckle becomes unbuckled. This car seat is even suitable for premature babies.

Pockit Stroller by GB that won 2014 Guinness World Record’s smallest folding stroller that is very light and compact in size. The Pockit stroller will be available in Australia by May 2016. This stroller is extremely light and compact in size, thus enabling parents to have a lightweight stroller when travelling. At 4.3kg, with dimension of 12” x 14” x 7”, it is tiny enough to fit into the overhead compartment in a train or aeroplane. There is no need to leave the stroller at the door of the aeroplane and we can use it immediately after disembarking. This stroller can even fit into a large handbag!

As such the solutions, for car travels, Evenflo is one of the best product that a parent could have while the light weight and compact design of the Pockit stroller is great for all sorts of travels.



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