Sweet Candy for Bonds Baby Search

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Andrew Ryan- acry78- 30.03.16 5:28 PM

       If you’ve ever thought about entering you bundle of joy into the Bonds baby search, then you’ve felt all the emotion & pleasure that can come from such an event.  But l wonder how many people have truly stopped to appreciated just how great an event it is, but not in the way you’d expect.

Bonds clearly have an excellent strategy when it comes to understanding, and defining their markets.  What better way to understand what customers want, than getting them to dress their children in your clothes, pose for photos and publish them for the world to see.  This isn’t just traditional “advertising”, it is also a clever way of finding out what the market truly is.

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One of the great challenges of a marketer, is understanding the market.  In an ever changing world, being able to understand your customers differences, styles, preferences, influences and thoughts is highly sought after.   These can be categorised in marketing as the “S” in STP (Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning).

Well, this is something the Bonds baby search marketing team, it would seem, have created to near perfection.  If segmentation is defined as “….a group of customers who share similar inclinations towards a brand” (MM4, Iaccobucci 2013), then it would seem that Bonds have found a brilliant way to understand this.

Bonds have gained huge amounts of data from the competition, and released some details to other bloggers.  Demographics, psychological information all adds weight to different segments and allows the business to ensure they are “Targeting” & “Positioning” their brands correctly.

Parker a

Not only are they able to gather great information to be used in ensuring they are on the right path, but they are also able to tackle & test further social issues, which they have done an excellent job of, especially in the case of Parker Abianac, a little boy with Down Syndrome, who has won his category as ‘peoples choice’.

The brand building, loyalty and conversation that is generated out of the competition is tremendous, and really sets a high standard for their competition when it comes to its customers.

Blog 1 - Bonds 2a

The categories listed in this years search are a good indication of the target markets set out by Bonds, with different age groups, styles, and also a video category. The diversity of their range, and the children involved show the importance of such an exercise, while engaging consumers in the best way possible.

While Bonds still receive some criticism surrounding the competition, they really are doing an excellent job of understanding their markets, and thus are able to continue building their brand and their business for many years to come.







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