Can Trump be trumped?

Trump smug

The appeal of Donald Trump amongst American republicans is perplexing. How can America be close to nominating Trump for the coveted prize of the Republican nomination? From his own words Trump appears bigoted and egotistical. Regardless of his outrageous and incendiary comments, Trump’s popularity remains. Many distinguished political commentators have discussed at length his appeal as an ‘outsider candidate’ for an angry electorate, frustrated at the political ‘elites’ and status quo. However other Republican Presidential contenders have also positioned themselves as political outsiders with reduced success. Whilst Trump no doubt appeals to that small subset of Americans who approve of his racist rhetoric, it is simplistic and unfair to assume that Trump’s popularity is due entirely to racism.

Clearly there are other factors explaining Trump’s meteoric rise, and some of these can be explained by reference to consumer behavior theory.

The role of imagery and music

Imagery, branding and visual cues have all played a large part in Trump’s success. Consumer behavior theory tells us that visual stimuli and music all play a part in how consumers respond to a brand. When viewing the Trump rally’s the strong use of colour (red, white and blue) implies both strength and patriotism.


The music played at the Trump rallies has also been chosen to convey these images of strength and power and opposition to convention. Examples being Trumps entrance (by helicopter) alongside Twisted Sister “We’re not going to take it.” Other additions to the playlists have been Elton John’s “Rocket man” and the Shangrila’s “Leader of the pack.” Interestingly several artists have complained about their music being used in Trump rallys, the British singer Adele being one, as they seek to distance their own brand from that of Trump.

“Trump – HIs very name is powerful”  Comedian John Oliver, 2016

Comedian John Oliver cleverly dissected how Trump’s name has contributed to his branding and success. “Trump…his very name is powerful…” “Trump does sound rich…””The very name Trump is the cornerstone of his brand…..

The need for belonging

“I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall, believe me.” Donald Trump, 2016 Presidential campaign.

Donald Trump’s popularity can also be partly explained by people’s innate need for belonging. Everyone belongs to different groups in society, stemming from cultural identity, social class, age etc. Marketers try to position a brand to appeal to a sense of belonging and to those who aspire to be in a particular group. So too has Donald Trump. By creating “Us versus them” scenarios, (for example the USA versus Mexico), Trump is creating a sense of belonging for those who perceive themselves as being in the “Us.”

Brand Zealots

Lastly consumer behavior theory reminds us that Trump supportersfamiliarity breeds comfort, and for many brands, there exists “brand zealots.” Trump has benefited from a substantial amount of free publicity, largely due to his outlandish behavior. Such repeated exposure to a brand typically makes consumers more comfortable with the product. Brand zealots are people who adore a brand to such an extent that they are imperious to rational argument and somewhat blind to the faults of a product.

The most pressing question now of course is whether Donald Trump can be defeated or indeed trumped? Given that part of his appeal can be attributed to an astute understanding of consumer behavior, it is likely that he can only be beaten by a candidate who can also use such knowledge to their advantage – over to you Hillary Clinton!

By Carmel Norton: word press name; cnorto

Student number 215033499



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3 thoughts on “Can Trump be trumped?

  1. Trump makes front page news by saying something outlandish each day. He has spent a third of what Hillary Clinton has spent on campaigning, yet has three times as much coverage. The media encourage his antics because it sells papers and gets them ratings.
    It’s all fun and games whilst it’s daily entertainment, but can you imagine if this guy becomes president? If you need me, I’ll be in my bunker!


  2. I’m hoping that his comment that women who undertake abortions must be punished may have actually gone too far. It seems to have finally angered many on both sides of the debate, highlighting his lack of understanding of the issues which he supposedly supports. With less than 1/4 of women viewing him favourably, I place my bet on US women to do us proud and ignore the marketing gimmicks.


  3. I find it fascinating that the nation which twice elected Barack Obama appears to be on the verge of choosing his antithesis, Donald Trump as their next leader. Human behaviour can be frightening at times.


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